A series of Videos to Learn about Finance!

If you have been learning along with me in this blog, here are some helpful Video resources to know more about basic topics related to finance.

Among the LinkedIn Top Voices for 2018, is Hansi Mehrotra, with over 280k followers. She has worked with Mercer Investment Consulting and now runs The Money Hans, creating financial education content.

These series of videos are from her articles and YouTube channel. What i liked best about them is that they are short, well-structured and self explanatory.

Let’s start by understanding each topic individually.

1. Economy and the GDP

It’s much wiser to not look at finance in isolation. Macroeconomics have a direct impact on the financial workings of companies, governments and the public (i usually curb spending when inflation is high!).

This video talks about the various stakeholders and their role: The government, people and businesses. And the flow of money among them.

2. What is Finance

Another useful video which gives more details about the various stakeholders involved in Finance: businesses, the ‘market’, investment banks, merchant banks, financial institutions and the like!


3. What is ‘Investing’?

This video tells how investment is different from saving. Concepts of interest, bonds, shares, equity. Lending vs. owning equity in a business.

4. What is the ‘Market’?

Precisely, a ‘marketplace’ where one can buy and sell securities (bonds and stocks/shares!). Offers and Bids and ‘market price’ of shares.

5. What are ‘Indices’?

Sensex, NIFTY, NYSE and FTSE (London). Stock exchanges are like a basket of vegetables, whose prices go up and down – and are measured on the ‘index’!

I guess it is a lot more fun to learn about complicated topics through short videos.

Useful information presented in a crisp manner!

The above line sums up my experience of watching these small yet information-rich videos. Apparently Ms. Hansi does the sketches herself and then her team converts them into videos.

As practicality would allow, i am keeping a set of 5 videos in each blog post. Keep a lookout for the next one to understand the next set of topics like price and value, inflation, interest rates, dividends, and capital gains.

Hansi’s original article appears here.


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